After his memorable ‘Wolves’ EP of last year (which garnered great support and earned record of the week on B.Traits BBC Radio 1 show) Florian Busse returns to connected for his new release ‘Heus’ EP on vinyl and digital,retaining and developing his idiosyncratic sound sculpting, Florian has delivered another unique take for the dancefloor. 

1. ‘Heus’ A hypnotic tom and bass groove, heavy on atmosphere and noise, foreign and far away synthesizers and a deceptive bass note, the melody starting slow with a repetitive phrase, then telling its whole melancholic, wistful, but powerful story before an arpeggio in the main break brings things to an end and delivering a powerful moment in the club when the beat comes back. Memories of summer. 

2. ‘Intro’. As the track name says, the long intro is the ‘featured’ part of the track, a good starter for any dj-set where people do not leave the dancefloor if the beat hasn't kicked in after the first 10 seconds. Child like voices, steady synthesizer note coming and going and a low bass create an intense first 3mins before the beats kicks in for the first time continuing with a pretty minimal beat before the elements of the intro come back and voices replace the synth line. 

3. ‘’Guem’. A steady bass note and a waylaying, moody synthesizer theme ,tastefully selected drums, heavy beat and percussion ,joined by weird bird like sounds place you into a wood where the sun has already set.