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This sample pack is the very best of my personal collection from the past years with a strong focus on drum and percussion sounds, effects and atmospheres, plus bass, synthesizer and melody sounds. I recorded a flutist, a percussionist, as well as shakers and percussions myself, weird analog drum machines and a big number of field recordings of tools, bells, wood, metal, atmosphere and much more.

The loops mainly have an original tempo between 118 and 124BPM. I made sure that the sounds not only have an interesting and outstanding texture but also work well in the context of a full track and busy mix. To avoid listening through endless folders and sounds I reduced the number of sounds so that only real quality sounds are left for you. That all makes the music production process faster and more fun. Hope you enjoy it.



341 One Shots
Drums (Kick, Kick Layer, Clap, Cymbal, Hihat, Snare, Tom)
Percussions (normal Perc, Acoustic Perc, Analog Perc, Foley Perc, Shaker) Music (Bass, Flute, Synth)
Effects & Atmos (Atmosphere, Noise, Perc FX, Riser, Random FX)

265 Audio-Loops (118-124BPM)
Drums & Percussion Loops (Hihat, Percussion, Shaker, Toploops, Toms) Music Loops (Bass, Music, Synth, Flute)
Ambient Loops

Size: 650MB

Florian Busse Soundpack


Florian Busse Soundpack Demo
Florian Busse