connected 002-dec 4th via Kompakt

‘while we are busy in the studio working on the album( between brixton and berlin) Kompakt are about to ship ‘deeper ep'(connected002) release date dec 4th- available on vinyl and digital.

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No74, in collaboration with Terranova, Stereo MC’s and Kompakt, presents the launch of ‘connected’, a label for contemporary electronic soulmusic


Berlin, October 21st – Terranova, Stereo MC’s & Kompakt launch‘connected’a label for contemporary electronic soulmusic. For this occasion they have created connected 001, a limited edition product package – exclusively available at No74 and via their new Blog/site The connected 001 package will be released on the 21st of October and comes in a run of 100.


This limited edition package contains a sweatshirt bearing the label’s logo artwork as well as a connected lettering by Berlin-based artist Carsten Fock. The package also includes an USB stick with an exclusive Terranova. Dubversion of ‘ Connected’ by the Stereo Mc’s along with a 60min DJ Mix


As the label’s name says, connected offers a new umbrella under which Terranova and renowned Brixton group Stereo MC’s are reigniting their musical relationship. Distributed by Cologne-based electronic music label Kompakt, the focus of the label will be quality: vinyl releases as well as digital, distinctive and sought-after artworks and a platform to combine and cultivate the tastes that the music artist share. “Connected is an entity where we can do anything we feel, make cool packaging, put other people’s records out, do great merchandise. It’s a concept for how we always saw all the labels we’ve both been involved in. We just wanted to do something we had control over we could call our own, and try to take to a good place” says Stereo MC’s Rob Birch.


The connected 001 package marks the first stage of a highly productive working relationship between Terranova and Stereo MC’s. The labels first release is due out on 4th December, and further down the line, an album — and more tracks from other like-minded artists.



Further information on connected: – online October 21st, 2015

connected press –

No74 Berlin press –


connected 001 – usb stick & sweatshirt, October 21st, 2015
connected 002 – vinyl & digital Stereo MC’s ‘deeper ep’ feat Terranova, December 4th, 2015



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