The new name stands for old school and plenty of experience. After many years, which he dedicated himself to djing and collecting records, he started to produce and, for the first time, runs free musically. 2012 he left his Rhenish homeland heading for Berlin and began his study of audio design. After three years of teachings in sound engineering, sound design and composition his focus changed: He is sticking to percussions, grooves, bass lines and danceable beats. June 2016 he had his first release, a two-track EP in collaboration with on Davide Squillace's This&That Lab. The title song "Cuando" is played by many major DJ's such as Kölsch, Davide Squillace, Andhim or Eats Everything, and develops itself into a secret weapon at the DC10 Ibiza. In August 2016 his first solo release appeared on the Danic label "Kompliké", which is led by Leman&Dieckmann. An EP consisting of two originals and one remix from the French duo Villanova. The tracks got supported and played by guys like Tim Green and Reboot. 
1. ‘TATA.’ An unconventional but gripping and mesmerising track put together primarily from the synth and bass sounds of a cheap Korg Synthesiser , a journey into the unknown, but a memorable trip. 
2. ‘Wolves’. The ‘Lazy’ warm up song ,a super basic rolling beat, consisting of well chosen drums and percussion topped with atmospheric vocals by Philipp Stevens lead singer from ‘Vemon is Bliss’ melded together into a yearning repetition. 
3. ‘Kito’s Cave. Evocative darkness constructed from a Tom beat and lead Moog line . Tension and relief , uneasiness and security. 
4. ‘Unfocused’. Florian on a more experimental less functional path definng his love of tom grooves , real percussion and a noisy aesthetic. Compelling